Hello people,

I’ve just finished “Bloggers Roadmap Video Training” by Dan Summer.

A few years ago I read the ebook and took notes and learned a lot about Blogging.

But! as my health at that time detreated very badly.  My internet marketing business I had just started fell by the way side.  Now!.. my health is much better after a marjor life threating surgery, I’m on the road to recovery and getting stronger day by day.

I have recently activated a  new Internet Marketing Business and refreshing myself with new thories and tecnics in the business to make a successful business for myself.

Dan Summer is what, I would call an expert along with what other people say about his Blogging knowledge in the Marketing Industry. It is the BEST to be had.

The Video Training takes you step by step on how to set up your blog from scratch to the finished fully working Blog to run your business.

The Training includes how to get a Domain name, Hosting, getting a Theme for your website and where to get them from, Graphics, how to add a opt-in form to build your email list, adding add-ons, with a load of Traffic Training on how to drive Traffic to your website, products and services and a lot more !!!!!!

Dan’s training has helped me twick my website to the best that it can be at present. And using the different traffic systems to build my own following and building my email lists.

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Till next time success to you All

Jane Oliver


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