Morning everyone! (well it was morning when I started to write this post)

Jane Oliver here, this is my second post on my new website/blog


I’m not exactly new to Internet Marketing, as I have been dabbling in it for some years. And I have learned so much of the mentors that I’ve came across over the past 8 years since 2011.

I have not been able to fulfil my own dreams of independent living. Because of my serviour bad health which! I have tried to explain in my About Me page, if you have not read it yet then please take a few minutes to read about me. I’ve tried to keep it as simple and short as I could with what I have travelled in my life.

Anyway down to explaining what I plan to do to build my business from scratch. Over the past month I have gone through all my notes that I have taken over the years from webinars, training and boot camp, that I have attended over the years. Along with the products I have collected (there was a lot on my old laptop). Sorting them out into categories of the different niches in Internet Marketing. As I thought it was about time I reorganized my filling in my work space. Which is very small space since I downed sized my house to a two bedroom ground floor flat. That you will see once I have started doing my ’30 Days Video Challenge’ in the next few days.

Don’t forget to sign up to follow me on my journey, so that you don’t miss any of the steps of my 90 Days Challenge to concentrate on building my business.

I have set myself several challenges over the coming months to build my business, so I can have a free style, life style and be able to work anywhere at anytime I choose.

Here is the run down of my Challenges:-

  • Building my new website/blog
  • Create my own Product
  • 90 Days to Build my Email List (10,000)
  • 30 Days making a Video a day
  • 30 Days Blogging and posting every day

I know it sounds to be a lot and it is a lot of things to do. That’s why it has taken me over a month to sort all my resources and organise everything into a daily, weekly, monthly schedules for myself to follow.

Mind set is the way to do it and I am in the right mind set to focus and be determinant to carry out these schedules and fulfil my GOALS.

No going out socializing for 90 Days and I can tell you I love to socialize with family and friends.

No television soaps, films or catch ups, which to be honest will not be hard for me as I don’t watch television very much, I’m not a television coach potato.

I be cutting down my time spending money on online shopping and being distracted by YouTube video’s.

I will be using various traffic methods along my journey, which will be tracked and monitored how each method will be working best for me and my business.

With some of the best traffic method training, that I have come across over the years, by the best in the industry.

As I go through my journey I will be putting it altogether as a training e-book for other newbies and established marketers to follow my journey of building my business.

So! if you are interested in following me on my journey?

Sign up in the box top right hand sidebar to “Follow Jane On Her Journey”, and keep updated on all the avenue’s and progress, that I will be coving over the coming months.

Until next time! Happy Journey to you ALL.

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