Hi everyone, Jane Oliver here!

I’d like to tell you I went to my first Internet Marketing get together.  Which was on Friday 28th September 2018.

It was the ‘Glasgow Gathering’ at the Millennium Hotel, George Square, Glasgow.  Organised by Paul Chilvers-Grierson.

It was a small gathering of 11 people including myself with John Thornhill, Randy Smith, Dennis Champion, George McGillnray, Brain Allenton, Paul Chilvers-Grierson, Paul Teague, Tony Eamp and Lynn Baillie.


It was a great relaxing get together day, which was good for me as I was very nervous about the meeting, being my first time.

On top of that the day before Thursday 27th September, my front crown fell out, so I had a very noticeable gap when I spook to anyone.

But!  Randy helped me come to terms with my missing tooth. As he had no teeth apart from a few on the bottom as his replacements weren’t ready.

Everyone was so friendly and relaxed! I was very surprised as they were well established and well know Marketers.

We all sat down to a nice 3 course meal with drink, every causal and everyone chatting to each other about what they were into giving each other helpful hints, that each of them had learnt themselves along the way and freely passing on their knowledge to each other.  I learnt some very helpful tips throughout the day and asked different people of their advice and help.

BUT! My high point of the meeting was meeting John Thornhill one of my mentors in person.  I’ve wanted to meet him for years and he was so easy to talk too alone with Randy who works alone side John on ‘Partnership 2 Success’, which I am following.

So! I had to get a selfie of John and myself.

My advice to ant Newbie or Established Marketer that has not been to a Marketers gathering. You need to attend one, even the small one’s near to where you live, you owe it to yourself to attend one.

So.… Please ….. Please budget  to go to the next one near to you.     You will not be disappointed you will meet such interesting like-minded people as yourself and helpful.  One or more could help or work with you on your journey of building your business.

Don’t do this Marketing Business on your own! get yourself a Mentor Like myself.  It is so beneficial  to you and your business success.

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Success to you ALL



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    • Gary Frazier

      Very nice post, Jane. I really liked your post, especially with the great photos. What a great opportunity to meet with so many great people — like John. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Ian Whyte

      Jane – Thanks for this insight into an aspect of Partnership to Success that I did not even know happened. Getting together and finding real people you have dealt with online for years can only be exciting and beneficial.
      Probably unlikely to happen in my part of the world just outside of Brisbane Australia.
      Trust that your re-started journey continues to progress well and you get to your destination

    • Ian Whyte

      Jane just got this error when I tried to complete your form to join your list

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      Perhaps talk to someone in support

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