Hello everyone,

I’d like to announce that I started my 30 Days Video Challenge as part of my 90 Days Business Challenge that I have set myself to building my online Business.  Which comprises of…

30 Days Blogging

30 Days Video Making

3 x 30 Days Email Building


I’m  following ‘Partnership 2 Success’ by John Thornhill  my training is from 2014, when I first started the training before my health become so saviour  I had to stop working.  In November 2017 I had life treating bowel  surgery, and have been recovering nicely.  So I thought it was time again to set up my online business to change my life style, for the better. Also I’m following Mark Bosley’s  ’90 Days Business Challenge’, 7 days a week.

I needed to get into that special mind-set to make the commitment to myself, that I am going to follow and complete these Challenges.

If you are serious about your business or for that matter anything in your life.  You have to be committed to follow the programme a head of you and your Mentor if you have one, which I recommend that you get one they will help with encouragement that pushes you will need along your journey.

When you have made that decision like I have to build my own business to gain that better and free lifestyle that your after and want for yourself and family.

The need to be committed to yourself and the hours you have set aside to build your business whether it be 2, 5, 10 or more, you just need to be fully focused and work those hours regular until you get to your final GOAL.

I myself have made that decision to change my life style for the better. I have made a commitment to myself to do without the following to focus my time and energy to my ’90 Days Business Challenge’. 

NO TV watching (unsubscribe from cable)

NO going out for meals (Indian, Chinese, Pizza)

NO coffee shops (my downfall)

NO going to pub (won’t kill me)

Doing without all these luxury I can focus on my Challenges without distractions.

I have already build my website following ‘Partnership 2 Success’ my website is JaneOliver-Online.com and it will be developed more over the coming weeks, so please subscribe and “Follow Me” you will receive a FREE copy of ‘Marketing from Scratch’ by Dan Summer as a thank you, just click on my web name to sign up box.

Along my journey I will be using and trying out various Traffic technic along the way and see which ones work and suit my needs.  If you follow me! you too could try the same Traffic technic and see what works for you and your business.

The Traffic that I will be using will be FREE and PAID as it’s best to try all kinds of TRAFFIC systems to build your business.

Doing the ’30 Days Video Challenge’ is well out of my comfort zone doing videos it’s taking some getting used too. As I’m not photo generic very rarely even getting my photo taken, so this in its self is a challenge for me.

So I will be posting 6 days of videos at one time on this post, that I posted already on my YOU TUBE channel to give you an in site of  what I will be starting from to build on over the coming weeks.

Also throughout my ’90 Days Challenges’, I will also be doing some Affiliate promotions of products/services.  Maybe you would like to join me on my journey.

So!… if you found this post interesting please Comment and Share below…… 

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Success to you ALL




    2 replies to "30 DAYS VIDEO CHALLENGE"

    • Charles

      Yes, yes and yes. I’m a JT student from 2019, and I’m in the ambassador program also. He’s a good teacher. I love what you’re doing with this particular article, sharing the results of your journey. Stay in touch!

      • Jane

        Thank you Charles for your comment. Please subscribe to my blog and you will be first to be notified when I update my site.
        This weekend I am pushing myself through the start of P2S program and the Ambassador program, so there will be a lot of posts
        in the next few days to bring everyone up to date with my progress.

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